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The big list of gummy bears varieties

In this blog post, we will introduce you to the wide variety of gummy bear varieties.

1. vegan gummy bears

Vegan gummy bears are made without animal gelatin. This is the difference from the classic gummy bears, which are made with animal gelatin.

2. sour gummy bears

Sour gummy bears enjoy great popularity because they trigger a tingling sensation on the tongue. The sour in the sour gummy bears is triggered by the high acid content in the ingredients. 

3. gummy bears without sugar: low-calorie or low-carb gummy bears.

Sugar-free gummy bears are the low-calorie version of Gold Bears. With the growing awareness of healthy eating, the range of sugar-free gummy bears on the market is also increasing. Instead of sugar, manufacturers use alternative sweeteners such as maltitol syrup or xylitol. 

4. halal gummy bears

Halal gummy bears are like classic gummy bears only with the difference that they do not contain pork gelatin and ethanol. 

5. blue gummy bears

Blue gummy bears are very rare and are hardly ever made. The reason is that there is no natural dye in nature that is suitable for coloring the gummy bears. Here you can order blue candy. 

6. vegetarian gummy bears

Vegetarian gummy bears are made completely without animal gelatin, just like vegan gummy bears. The difference, however, is that vegetarian gummy bears have beeswax as a coating, which is of animal origin. Vegan gummy bears do completely without animal ingredients.

7. gummy bears pizza

Gummi Bears Pizza are fruit gums in the form of pieces of pizza. This candy does not taste like yeast dough, tomato paste and cheese, but manufacturers have come up with a tasty creation from foam sugar. Pizza gummy bears made of fruit gum you can order here. 

Pizza gummy bears

8. giant gummy bears

Giant gummy bears are the gummy bear variety in large size. Giant gummy bears can be 28 cm tall and 2kg in weight. 

9. strawberry gummy bears

Strawberry gummy bears are made of fruit gum and have the shape of a strawberry. The main part is usually red and the style is usually green. The strawberry fruit gummies have a firm bite and a fruity strawberry flavor.

Strawberry gummy bears

10. healthy gummy bears

In recent years, the trend towards conscious nutrition has become established among the population. The low-calorie gummy bears without sugar can be described as "healthy gummy bears". Instead of sugar, maltitol syrup or xylitol is used here, which is significantly lower in calories.

11. red gummy bears

There are many different red gummy bear varieties: 

12. cola gummy bears

Cola bottles gummy bears have the shape of a cola bottle and are made of fruit gum. The cola candies are halal and without pork gelatin. 


13. gummy bear ribbon

Gummy bear ribbons are usually sour candies. Sour ribbons are also called sour dragon tongues. You can find them in different flavors: 

14. gummy bears snakes

Gummy bears snakes are elongated fruit gums in the shape of snakes.  

15. mushroom gummy bears

Mushroom gummy bears have a pink hat and a white style. These candies are made of foam sugar and are soft in consistency. 

16. rainbow gummy bears

Rainbow gummy bears are candies that combine the typical rainbow colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. Examples of rainbow candies are: 

Rainbow gummy bears

17. unicorn gummy bears

Unicorn gummy bears are fruit gum candy in unicorn shape. 

18. gummy bears ice cream

Ice cream gummy bears are made of foam sugar and have a pleasant vanilla flavor. The lower part represents an ice cream cone and the upper part ice cream scoops.

Ice cream gummy bears
19. veggie gummy bears

Veggi gummy bears refer to vegan and vegetarian gummy bears. These are gummy bears without gelatin. Here you can find veggie gummy bears. These gelatin free gummy bears are fruit gums without gelatin. 

20. watermelon gummy bears

Watermelon gummy bears are sweets in the form of small pieces of melon. The consistency is rather soft and the taste is fruity.

Watermelon gummy bears


21. gummy bears gluten free

Gluten is the storage protein of cereals. If you can't eat gluten because of gluten intolerance or celiac disease, gummy bears without gluten are just the thing.  

22. gummy bear strings

Gumdrop strings are also called sour ribbons or sour dragon tongues.

23. yogurt gummy bears

Yogurt gummy bears are created by mixing yogurt and fruit gum. This type of gummy bears is characterized by a particularly soft consistency.  

24. yellow gummy bears

Yellow gummy bears are very rare. Most often, these gummy bears contain citrus.  

25. gummy bears bulk pack

Since supermarkets often sell 100g or 200g gummy bear bags, gummy bear bulk packs are not found in grocery stores. Here you can find a large number of gummy bears bulk packs: 


26. gummy bears With filling

Gummy bears with fillings are fruit gums where the inner filling is coated by fruit gum. An example here are confectionery sticks. Confectionery sticks, which have an inner filling of vanillin and are coated by a layer of licorice. 

27. gummy bears worms

Gummy bears worms are fruit gum in the form of worms and usually sour. 

28. gummy bear ring

Gummy bear rings are fruit gum in the shape of rings. Popular gummy bear rings are: 

29. gummy bears without calories

Gummy bears without calories are gummy bears which do not contain sugar.

30. melon gummy bears

These gummy bears have the shape of melons. Melon gummy bears come in the shape of watermelon and honeydew melon. 

31. bananas gummy bears

Banana gummy bears are yellow and made of foam sugar. They have the shape of bananas. 

32. blue sharks gummy bears

Blue sharks gummy bears are blue candy with a white bottom. The shape is reminiscent of sharks. 






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