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9 vegan american sweets

5 vegan American candies you must try

In this article you will learn about new American sweets that are surprisingly vegan. We show you delicious vegan fruit gums, gummy bears, marshmallows and much more.


1. sour patch kids vegan from the USA (not the ones from Germany). 

Sour Patch have long since gained a high profile in Germany. Unfortunately, the Sour Patch available in German grocery stores are not vegan. Quite in contrast to the Sour Patch Kids vegan in the USA. There, animal gelatin is not used in the production and are vegan. You can order them here.

2. twizzlers vegan

The spiral-shaped fruit gums have a consistency reminiscent of licorice. These vegan sweets are produced by the Hershey Company and are available in strawberry, watermelon, orange, grape and blackberry flavors. You can order the vegan Twizzlers here. 

Twizzlers Vegan Fruit Gums


3. swedish fish

Swedish Fish are actually from Sweden. However, we list them here because they are one of the most popular vegan gummy bears in the USA.  

Vegan sweets

4. vegan marshmallows

For a long time, vegans had to do without marshmallows because there were no suitable suppliers. This has now changed with the following provider from the USA. The vegan marshmallows from Dandies do completely without animal ingredients. 

 Vegan marshmallows

4. DOTS 

These dragées are small vegan fruit gum caps. And another thing for the statisitc lovers: according to the manufacturer Tootsie Roll Industries, four billion DOTS are produced annually. 

Vegan sweets


AirHeads are a tangy, toffee-like chewy candy made by Dutch-Italian company Perfetti Van Melle in Erlanger, Kentucky. Airheads are made without animal ingredients and are vegan.




Nerds from the company Wonka are dragées that are crunchy when chewed. Nerds come in many different flavors and colors. We recommend the NERDS Rainbow. And best of all: NERDS are completely without animal gelatin and completely vegan.

NERDS vegan without gelatin 

7. skittles crazy sours

Skittles are coated tablets that are coated with a layer of sugar. Often Skittles are made with carmine. However, there is one exception:Skittles Crazy Sours are vegan. In fact, no animal ingredients are used here. 

Skittles vegan Crazy Sours


8. jolly ranchers

Jolly Rancher are fruity hard candies and vegan. 

Jolly Rancher



9. OREO cookies are vegan

Many of you will be happy to know that Oreo cookies are vegan. However, the OREO Enrobed White and OREO Crunchies Dipped, which contain skim milk powder, are an exception.



Vegan American Sweets Box

If you can't make up your mind with all the choices, we recommend ordering a vegan American candy box. Our recommendation: 

Vegan American Sweets Box





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