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Are Haribo Halal really halal?

Is Haribo Halal really halal?

The classic Haribo from the regular supermarket contain pork gelatin and are therefore not suitable for Muslims. 

However, the company Haribo has launched a separate variety for the Muslim population: namely Haribo Halal. These Haribo Halal are produced in Turkey. The gelatine used for this comes from cattle slaughtered according to Islamic guidelines. Haribo Halal has beenawarded a Halal certificate by EHZ (European Halal Certification Institute) and TSE(Türk Standardları Enstitüsü). This means that Haribo Halal can be classified as halal. You can recognize Haribo Halal by the certificate on the packaging.

Haribo Halal

Haribo Halal



Where is Halal Haribo produced?

Haribo Halal is manufactured in the Turkish city of Istanbul-Hadimköy. Therefore, the production of Haribo Hal al according to Islamic specifications is under the strict supervision of the Turkish authorities. Haribo Halal is exported to other Muslim countries after being produced in Turkey. 



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