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Versand in Deutschland & Österreich 4,59 € (ab 39€ kostenlos nur in Deutschland).

Probier-Dose (1KG) - ohne Mindestbestellwert

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Mindesthaltbarkeit: 01.05.2025

Dies ist unsere beliebte Bunte Dose (1kg) zum Probieren. Dieser Artikel ist für alle geeignet, die nur diese Dose bestellen möchten.

Viele Neukunden haben den Wunsch erst einmal unsere Süßigkeiten zu probieren bevor Sie eine große Bestellung durchführen.
Da wir im Shop einen Mindestbestellwert von 20€ haben, bieten wir diesen Artikel für 20€ an ohne, dass man weitere Produkte dazulegt.

At Miralina's Halal Sweets, we take the term "halal" very seriously. We are the only candy store with an official halal certificate. We are proud to announce that our sweets have received Halal certification from Halal Quality Control (HQC), which means they adhere to Islam-compliant guidelines. What does this mean for you? You can rest assured that our candies are free of pork gelatin, ethanol, carmine (E120), shellac (E904) and cysteine (E920/921). The gelatin used comes from cattle produced according to Islamic guidelines.

👉 To the halal certificate of Miralina's Halal Sweets

Ingredients & Nutritional Values

Ingredients: Sugar, beef gelatin, glucose syrup, water, corn starch, wheat mollusk, beeswax, glazing agent: vegetable oil (palm), acidulants: E330, E296, E270, flavors, emulsifier: E471, flavors, pectin, vegetable fat (coconut), flavors, colorants: E102, E129, E133, E150c, E171, carnauba wax, preservative: E202, acidity regulator: E350.

Nutritional values

per 100g


1420kJ / 334kcal








0,133 g


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  • Deutschland 4,59 € (Versandkostenfrei ab 39 € Bestellwert)
  • Austria: Shipping 7,90 € (Saving tip: Free shipping from 100€ order value)
  • Belgium €14,99
  • Croatia €14,99
  • Czech Republic €14.99
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  • Estonia €14,99
  • Finland €14,99
  • France 14,99 €
  • Hungary €14,99
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  • Latvia €14,99
  • Lithuania €14,99
  • Luxembourg €14,99
  • Monaco €14.99
  • Netherlands €14,99 
  • Norway €30,99
  • Poland €14,99 
  • Portugal €14,99
  • Romania €14,99
  • Slovakia €14,99
  • Slovenia €14,99
  • Spain €14,99
  • Sweden €14,99
  • Switzerland 19,99 €
  • United Kingdom €14.99
  • Turkey 19,99 €
  • USA 19,99 €
  • Rest of the world 19,99€

- Within Germany shipping takes 1-3 business days. Delivery time 1-3 business days(Important: Saturday, Sunday and holidays are not included here).

- To other European countries shipping takes about 1 week.

Yes, we use only gelatin from cattle, which was produced according to Islamic guidelines.

No, our candy does not contain alcoholic carriers such as ethanol. Our candies are halal certified.If ethanol were included, we would not get halal certification.

Yes, the ingredient E471 we use is made from sunflower and is plant based.

In the past, E471 (mono- and diglycerides) was obtained from milk and eggs in the food industry. This practice is rarely used today.

In our sweets, E471 is obtained only from vegetable means (sunflower).

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